Beyerdynamic TG 100 B-Set Headset


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Beyerdynamic TG 100 B-Set Headset

Professional wireless microphone for the acceptance speech and vocals for beginners
TG100 sets a new benchmark in the beginners with pilot tone function range. Optimized voice clarity, combined with simple handling and protection against interferences, makes the wireless system to a compact all-rounder. Designed for beginners as well as the ambitious hobby musicians, the wireless system TG100 with its two sets its strengths both in vocal and speech applications. The Handheld Set consists of diversity receiver, pocket transmitter and headset.
Pilot Tone Function
The pilot tone function provides for an optimized interference-free transmission and warns when there is a low battery charge. Automatic detection of the transmitter and receiver ensures easy handling and avoids noise.

Diversity receiver
The professional diversity receiver also provides in difficult environment for best possible reception.

A rotary knob on the front, 8 channels are available. It can be when using all three frequency bands up to 24 channels simultaneously.

Sound Switch
The Sound Switch optimizes, even without the use of a mixing desk, equally the intelligibility of speech and vocals.

10 h battery run time
The battery life of 10 hours guaranteed, even during extended events and extensive gifts, an uninterrupted operation.

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Highlights & Details
  • Professional wireless microphone for the acceptance speech and vocals
  • Professional Diversity receiver
  • Pilot tone function for an optimized transmission
  • 8 pre-programd frequencies can be selected via channel selection switch
  • VHF-band (free registration and no charges in Germany)